Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cupcakes

Megan was asked to learn how to make these adorable cupcakes and teach them to our YWs last night. They are just too cute to eat!


Cake Mix & ingredients on the box
Large Marshmellows
Mint Leaf candies (find at Longs Drug)
Spring colored Sugars (regular consistency not large)
Gumdrops (find at Longs Drug)
Nonpareils (small little balls sold in cake decorating areas)
White sugar
Easter grass & small candies for decorations
1. Bake, cool and frost your cupcakes.
2. Take a large marshmellow and cut into 5 slices with sissors squishing it slightly as you cut so it looks like a petal.
3. Dip the cut sticky side of the marshmellow into the sugar leaving a white rim around each petal.
4. Take a mint leaf and slice it with a knife into 4 leafs. Dip the leafs that have been cut and do not have any sugars on it into regular white sugar.
5. Take a gum drop and slice off the very top to make it flat. Dip the sticky top just cut into the nonpareils.
6. Assembly your flower starting with the marshmellow leafs arranging 5 petals overlapping into a flower. Add two mint leaves carefully under the petals as you go or after. Add the gumdrop to the center and you are done!
Note: The marshmellows do harden so you might want to keep wrapped with cellophane and plan to deliver to a friend soon thereafter if they are a gift. Doiley's are a nice touch to hide the plate you are using.


Dave and Amy said...

Those are too cute Megan! Good job!!

debra said...

Go Megan! That is a darling idea! I love it!!! I've got sugar cookie sheets to make--- maybe we'll do these flowers on the tops of those!