Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Auction

Our ward had a Service Auction for Enrichment night.
It ended up being a lot of fun.
Here is the basic idea....
Prior to the event, sign up sheets circulated for everyone to list what service they would be willing to share. (Ex. 3 hours of free babysitting, dinner, homemade cookies, 2 large windows cleaned, 1 hour photo shoot, blog design help, scrapbook pages, 1 dozen brownies, 10 holiday/birthday cards, etc.)

On the night of the event, everyone received a 'paddle' as they walked in. They also filled out a questionnaire, to determine how many points they had to bid with. (Example questions - Read your scriptures today 5pts, Had FHE this week 5 pts, Took a shower today 5pts, Made your bed today 5pts for each bed made, etc.)
The points were tallied up via the honor system and the bidding began.
It was a fun night that allowed for socializing and laughter.
Give it a try in your ward!


debra said...

What a fun idea! I am taking a shot in the dark, but could you have possibly been the one to offer blog design help? I don't know why I'm even thinking that?!

You rock Amy!

The Leishmans... said...

We had something like this a couple of years ago - fun memories.

Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Ann said...

That sounds like a cute activity - and one where everyone could participate!

Caitilin said...

Do you have anymore info on the service auction idea? I'd love to do it in our ward next month!! :) you can email me at csummerhays@gmail.com

Tara said...

Hi! We are going to do a Service Auction in June....and I was just wondering if you still had the questionnaire...and where did you guys get those CUTE paddles?? Thanks!

Dave and Amy said...

Tara- I'm afraid I don't have the questionnaire anymore. I think the paddles were purchased from a party supply store.
Best of luck with your service auction!