Monday, February 11, 2008

Primary Teaching Helps

My husband and I teach the CTR 5 class. I am going to use this during my lessons as a way to keep the attention of my little 5 year olds.
(I realize that it looks like a messy block of tape right now... when I find a way to make it look cute... I'll post a picture of it)

I took one of my sons blocks and covered it with colored paper. (I wanted it to be a fairly small block, so it can stay in my primary bag all the time) Then I printed up things that the kids will get to do during class. Ex. Sing your favorite song, color a picture of ______, play CTR matching game, etc.

I hope to start my lesson and then once I 'loose' the kids (due to those long attention spans) - I will ask someone to roll our block and we'll do that quick activity before we begin our lesson again.

Here is the CTR Matching Game mentioned above. I found it on Mormon Share - I just made 2 copies of the pictures and pasted them on red paper. (so you can't see through the papers) They are all pictures of people making right choices. There are only 9 matches - so it should be a fairly short game.

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Wendy said...

Good ideas! They look easy and fun for the kids!