Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter tulips

I found this idea from here. I thought it was really cute and easy and I knew I couldn't kill these flowers oh and I had all the supplies at my house.
I found some matching spring scrapbook paper in my stash, traced the template and cut out the flowers. Glued them on to my skewers (I wrapped mine with floral tape) I bought these metal baskets last year from Tai Pan, so I stuck some styrofoam in the bottom and arranged my tulips. I had planned on putting some green Easter grass inside but can't find where I put it- so that will be added later.

Oh look who found a home finally, my Easter mickey antenna ball!
(our cars antenna is too big so I try and find different places to put them) I think he'll stay here for a while

Now I'm off to find the green grass- I hate when the Easter bunny shops early!!!

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