Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Father's Day ideas

So here's what I did for Father's Day this year.... shhhh don't tell Jason!
You can make an easy Father's Day picture- well wasn't so easy with a 2 year old but it will do. I found the idea on Tip Junkie But can't find the exact link right now. So I made up one for her Grandpa also.
A few weeks ago while in a store my husband spotted a jar filled with lemon drops and was so tempted to buy it, just for the lemon drops. But it was $20.00, had a cute big bow around it but for $20.00!! So I decided to make up my own for him. Got a jar from DI for $1.00 took some ribbon and tied a "tie" around it and added in some lemon drops... for about $5.00 I got to be creative and he'll get to enjoy his lemon drops!


Dave and Amy said...

Too cute! And I love the 'tie' around the jar!

The Schauers Family said...

super dooper cute! Of course you need a very expressive Claire to pose for you. She is a crack up!

Daisy Day said...

What fun ideas! I love the picture with the little girl holding the "grandpa" letters. That is so cute and clever. I think I'll make those for Christmas presents. Thank you for your darling ideas.