Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Stockings...

... Or as I like to call them the 6 YEAR Christmas Stockings! My wonderfully talented, awesome, friend (and neighbor at the time), Sonya gave me the pattern to make these over 6 years ago, and they are finally done in time for Cristmas 2008! I am so excited

Sonya embroidered the names on them and I love the way they turnd out. It was so weird that she had to put Mom and Dad on them... that's us now!!

Thank you Sonya and thank you momma Crook for helping me make sure they turned out correctly. There was a few scary moments there (I still have a stocking to prove when it went wrong)


Dave and Amy said...

They look darling!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Janna! I love the stockings. I finally got mine finished last year but this year will be the first with our names on them.