Thursday, September 2, 2010

Father's Day gift idea

Ok, so I'm just a few months late at posting this idea.  But everyone takes the summer off, right? 
Thanks for putting up with us... if you're still out there.  ;)

My boys had a great time making this art piece for Father's Day this past year. 
(I have seen this idea on another blog... but can't remember where... so sorry that I don't have that reference for you)

I had my 4 year old paint the blue background one day.  I just told him that we were painting and set him up with the right colors.  (last year he ended up telling Daddy what the present was before Father's day... I learned my lesson)  Then I put it up to dry and let him continue to paint on paper.  

A few days later I did their hand prints.  A one year old makes it REALLY difficult to get a decent handprint from.  Thus, his looks like he has 6 fingers.  Oh well.  Then I put it up to dry for a few more days.

I took it down to add the finishing touches.  
Then I let the boys help me wrap it right before we gave it to Daddy. 

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