Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chew on your pencil!

When I saw this in a magazine I knew I had to try it our for my Back to School Dinner. Here's the link to how you make it.
(FYI- We are not bologna eaters in my house so I used a hotdog we had left over from the night before, I just cut off the skin so it was about the right size to fit on top of the cheese stick)


Eve said...

I love family fun magazine. I just wish I didn't over think these things. I want to send these for snack day but I was confused at what a cheese stick was, is that shredded cheese sticks? The only bologna I buy are slices, do you think a hotdog would be too chokable to send to a Kindergarten class?

Dallessandro Family said...

Hi Eve-
the cheese stick is just a string cheese stick. I haven't bought bologna in a long time but all you need is a piece of meat about 1/2 inch thick, so it's really not that big of piece of hot dog that I used. Enjoy!