Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kit Kats

My son is turning 3 tomorrow. He is not a big fan of cakes.
So what to make him for the special day?
He LOVES candy... especially Kit Kats.
I saw this creation online, on several sites, it is PERFECT for my son...

2 - 8 inch round cakes, frosted.
Press the Kit Kats into the side,
fill the 'bucket' with your favorite candy,
tie a ribbon... and you're done!!
My son will be on such a sugar high from the candy -
he'll ignore the cake completely.

He saw the cake today and said, 'Oh, a bucket for my candy!' :)


Misty said...

I made this same cake for my daughter's birthday in June. It was a HUGE hit!!

Wendy said...

It turned out SO cute! He will love to eat the Kit Kats!

Ruth Ann said...

What a cute cake ... no wonder he loves it!!! Chocolate and skittles!!

MeganGarver said...

This would be so cute with Reeses pieces for halloween!