Sunday, February 6, 2011

Claire's lamp

Finally got Claire's lamp done. It would have been done a long time ago but when I bought the crystal accent's it got lost in our move and I was hoping it would re appear so I wouldn't have to buy more. But sadly it never showed up.



I spray painted the lamp shade, wasn't sure how it would turn out or if it would. But I like it, and I like that you can still see some of the pink when the lamp is on. Then I just hot glued the trim to the underside of the shade and it was done!
These have a light pink tint (the other one I had bought was a dark pink crystal)
I'm happy with it and it only cost me about $5.00

This picture is hanging in her room also. She loves wearing my high heels, so one day I thought I would try taking her picture in them. So I am not a professional and trying to get a picture of your 3 year old daughters feet and have it look good was hard. But I think I finally got one. Did some adjusting in photoshop then had it printed at Costco. I love looking at it and most of the time people think I purchased the picture from the store. Nope, that's my little Claire's feet in my high heels.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Laundry Room Complete... okay ALMOST complete

My laundry room is mostly done! A special thanks to my hubby's friend for helping us hang my (steal of a deal) cabinets, because the studs were in some random places on the back wall. I was going to buy some curtains to close off this area but I love walking by it right now, so those will have to wait. I bought some door pulls at Hobby Lobby (still not sure if I love the 4 doors not being the same, but we'll see) $1.50 each!
There will be a shelf that will go across the top of the cabinets and over to the right wall, but that will have to happen hopefully next weekend.
I lined the inside with gray and white polka dot fabric and found some yellow and gray totes on clearance at Lowe's which now hold some tools.
I found this at Goodwill last week and spray painted in white, it now holds my laundry soap. (I love opening that cabinet it smells so good!)
So here's my BEFORE shot
I still have a few plans for some decor and a little more storage but I was just so excited to get the cabinets up that I had to share.