Saturday, January 22, 2011

more project updates

And here is the mirror I got for $12.00

BEFOREI just used some black craft paint and some small brushes to get down inside all the grooves (there was a lot!) I hung it on the wall above my little table then decided the table top needed to be black too so I painted it black (then later realized it was to bulky for the entry way) So I swapped it out for a thin black bookshelf.

And here it is today!


update on projects...

Remember this table from a previous post? Well here it is finished. Sorry it took so long. I love the pop of color in the room, and I was tired of painting everything black. I just used spray paint and I will fill in the name tomorrow if I still have the can.

Laundry room Re-do

My laundry "closet" is horrible and needs some love. I have big plans and hope to be able to accomplish it soon.The wire shelf is so not working for me and when we first moved in the right bi- fold door was broken so I removed it so soon the left one will be coming down
I finally visited my local Habitat for Humanity store in hopes of finding some cabinets to hang up on that back wall. And I scored! I got these two cabinets for $16.00 total. (regular price was $32.00 EACH!)
I will clean, paint, add new hardware, organize, and hang up a new curtains in place of the broken doors
And here's a quick mock up that I did on photoshop (don't judge please) Wall color- gray, then accented with white, some black and yellow. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wall decor for boys

I found this darling idea here.
As soon as I saw it, I knew my boys would love it.
It ended up being the gift that the boys made for each other.

My 4 year old painted this canvas black and sprayed it with white paint to make the stars.
I printed out the images and cut them out.  Then I mod podge-ed them on and sprayed it with a final clear coat of spay paint.
My 2 year old loves it!  
Buzz!  Buzz!  That's what I hear every time he looks at it.

I did the same thing on this one.  But I used some red, yellow and white paint to make the laser coming out of the Death Star.
A perfect gift for a Star Wars fan. 
And so easy to make.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pillowcases and a blanket

I made pillowcases for my boys this Christmas.

They both sleep with their soft blankets laid out on top of their pillows.
So I made them super soft pillow cases!
They LOVE them!

And I made a Buzz Lightyear blanket for my youngest. 
(the oldest already has a Mickey Mouse blanket)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Luggage tags and camera straps

A few more christmas gifts from this past year...

Luggage tags for one of my sisters.  She is going to India in a month. 
And she will be there for 4 whole weeks!
I wanted to make sure she knew that she HAS to come back home!
So I put a little note in her luggage tags.

Camera straps.  
I should have taken a picture with them on the camera... oops!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What to do with your old jeans? Aprons!

I had some old jeans lying around, (let's be honest, who doesn't have old jeans lying around?) so I decided to make myself an apron.  
Yes, I made it in the middle of making Christmas gifts for everyone else.  
Very selfish, I know.  Oh well.

So easy to make.  One pair of jeans will make 2 aprons.  Each leg makes one apron.
I folded and ironed material to make my edging.  But if you found some cute wide ribbon, it would be even easier to put your edging on.
I think I will be making more of these soon.

I made this half apron for my sister. 
She owns a bakery and hopefully she can get some use out of it.

While I was making my apron, my son wanted one too.
So I tried to make it look manly.  It's longer than a normal apron would be and it has boy print around the edges.  He loves it.  (even if he won't look at the camera)

Happy New Year everyone!!