Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Latest project- COMPLETE!

So I finished it sooner than I thought and I really like it! Although my camera had a hard time capturing it right. I just painted it black but I took 3 pictures and one turned out brown looking, the next turned out grey and the final one turned out light black!
the drawers are painted black to unlike the picture that look like they are grey. I had to go buy 2 more knobs since I forgot there was 4 for the top 2 drawers. So for about $25.00 I have a new entertainment center, where I was looking online for a new one I wanted and was going to spend $200!!! I just need to drill a hole in the back for all the electronic wires.
I bought these door knobs probably 7+ years ago and finally found a good place to use them. (we are a Disney family so I am way excited to finally have them out of the junk drawer)

P.S. If I ever fall ownership to a power saw I would love to cut out the inside of the doors and staple fabric up instead--- well also if I ever decide on a color scheme for my living room. I can dream about that one!

Monday, December 28, 2009

My latest project

I have seen so many blogs with people finding great deals at Good Will or yard sales. So before we moved I passed by a yard sale and saw this beauty out of the corner of my eye, and I thought to myself if it's still there when I get back I'm gonna get it. Well as you can see it was and I got it for $15.00. It was a changing table but my Uncle cut off the top for me (you can see the lighter outline on top of where the boards were)

And it was also missing a leg in the back, so he created one for me.
(thanks so much)

Since Christmas is over I can get working on this- hopefully I will be posting the finished product soon. It's on my porch waiting to be sanded and painted. It's not going to be perfect but I will have a new entertainment center for only $15.00 (+ a few bucks for spray paint)

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