Monday, November 15, 2010

A couple projects

I've been working on some fun projects this Fall. Here are a couple. I'm sorry I don't have step by step pictures. I'll link you to the sites where I got the ideas from. They'll have any pictures you may want to guide you along. But, neither were very hard. I got the basic idea from the websites and created my own little crafts.

#1: Pumpkin blocks inspired by this blog
  • I got 2x6's, had them cut to my desired lengths (the big pumpkin was two 6 inch blocks, two 8 inch blocks, and one 10 inch block for the middle)
  • I found some scrap wood and cute it for my pumpkin stem
  • Sand blocks
  • Paint blocks
  • Cut paper to fit the sides of the blocks. Modge podge them onto the wood.
  • Sand the edges of the paper to create a smooth finish to the wood.
  • Modge podge over the paper to create a nice finished look.
  • Stack your blocks and add any embellishments you want (I added some twine to the stem).
I think they turned our very cute! I'm currently working on Christmas trees using the same idea.

And, just because Halloween is past doesn't mean you can't still make some. Mine are still out as Fall decor. Some cute brown papers could be really cute for the Fall too!

#2: Acorn Wreath, inspired by this blog

  • Gather Acorns
  • Wash them and bake for about 15 mins @350
  • Hot glue acorns around a straw wreath (I made two wreaths and discovered that it's much faster to glue the acorns starting on the face of the wreath and going around in a big circle instead of across the wreath from the center to the outside in lines--does that even make sense?)
  • Spray paint acorns whatever color you want--I plan to change the color throughout the year.
  • Add a ribbon to hang!
I love how mine turned out! The picture doesn't do a great job of showing it off! It was a fun, easy, quick, super cheap project and I love seeing it hang on my front door!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New chairs (project #1)

Here's my first completed project. Our dining room chairs were covered in a white fabric (not the ideal color with a 3 year old in your house)
My mom and I found some fabric on clearance at Jo Ann's, and decided to recover them. It was a pretty easy project, just needed to unscrew the back then staple gun the new fabric on and screw it back together and it's done.

Projects... Projects... PROJECTS!!

We have just moved into a new house (that's why there has been a lack of posts from me) This move was CRAZY but we are so glad to be in our own home. Here's some picture's of some things I have been working on in the house, these are all before pictures.

This is half of a bi-fold door that was on our laundry room and it broke off so I have a new plan for it, you can see what color it is going to be since I forgot to take a picture before I started painting. (this was just started yesterday so it may be a while for the final product)
This table was found on my way to work one morning last week, someone had put it out for trash! So I put it in the back of my car! All it needs is a good sanding, tighten the screws and some new paint!
Crazy good deal for this mirror at Lowe's, Regular price $59.88, we got it on clearance for $12.47, it was the floor model so it needed a good cleaning
This was my find at Goodwill a few months ago. It was $12.00... good price, but even better as I walked around the store I heard that all furniture items were now 50% off! What!! I took her home for $6.00 . She needed A LOT of sanding
Lamp at Goodwill for $3.00
A footstool that my mom had got at a garage sale
And finally my white dining room chairs needed an uplift.
Hopefully I will be back soon with some finished products!